Conference Dinner


For CMSB attendees that mostly propose to understand the Life by using Automaton, the city of Nantes represent the best opportunity for a gala dinner. As a natural extension of the fruitful mind of the famous child of Nantes, Jules Verne, la «  compagnie des Machines » is a world-famous exhibit known for manufacturing giant automaton that have been visiting many cities world-wide, but also automaton that mimic living fantastic creatures. 

To honor CMSB attendees, a gala will be hold on Thursday, September 17th (~19:00) surrounded by all famous biological automaton. Attendees and model-checkers will be able to verify their behaviors manually, following by a reception at the Marine Worlds Carousel, where vivid automaton depict a mechanical aquarium as dreamed by Capt. Nemo himself.

Le Carrousel des Mondes Marins la nuit

Located at the downstream end of the island of Nantes, on the banks of the Loire, the Marine Worlds Carousel is located opposite the Jules Verne Museum. It was built in the workshops of La Compagnie La Machine, in the Naves of the old shipyards of Nantes.
The Marine Worlds Carousel, awarded as most original exhibits in 2014 (TEA award), is an incredible machinery that awakens the fairground art. Three rides are stacked in a concrete arena topped by a marquee decorated with pediments.
The public makes a discovery of the Marine Worlds from the seabed, through the abyss and to the surface of the sea.

The air may be keen on the Loire banks, we advise you to dress comfortably and warmly.

For more information, please visit the Les Machines de l'Ile website.

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