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1st Bioss Workshop


Bioss is a new French working group on the symbolic modelling of biologic systems, combining discrete mathematics and fundamental computer science with molecular biology and medicine. This thematic aims at studying information transmissions in biological systems, by using formal methods from computer science (or new ones) in order to model, analyse and understand the dynamics of complex living systems.
This first workshop aims at bringing together the members of the Bioss working group as well as anyone interested in the Bioss topics, and to discuss the current activities of our research interests. It will concentrate on the young generation, by giving invited PhD students and postdocs the opportunity to present their recent or current work. This will give a panorama, representative of the French activities on Symbolic Systems Biology.


The program will consist of invited talks, mainly by PhD students and postdocs.
Topics of Symbolic Systems Biology include, but are not limited to:

  • modelling of biological systems,
  • discrete or hybrid formalisms,
  • semantics (included stochastic),
  • model verification,
  • model reduction,
  • prediction (under uncertainty),
  • model inference.


  • Pierre Boutillier (PPS, Université Paris Diderot): "A new simulator for large Kappa models"
  • Pauline Traynard (Inria Paris-Rocquencourt): "Logical modeling and model-checking of the mammalian cell cycle"
  • Alexandre Rocca (IMAG Grenoble): "Application of Formal Methods to Biological Systems Modelling"
  • Marc Bouffard (LRI, université Paris Sud): "Extracting logic gates from a metabolic network, why and how?"
  • Louis Fippo-Fitime (IRCCYN, École Centrale Nantes): "Integrating time-series data on large-scale discrete cell-based models"
  • Julie Laniau (Inria Rennes): "Metabolic network reconstruction with combinatorial optimization : influence of cross-compartment metabolites"
  • Alexandre Temperville, (CRIStAL, université Lille 1): "Computation of sparse conservation laws and applications"

Important Dates

Registration is free but mandatory through the CMSB registration page, even if you don't attend CMSB.

Workshop: September 18th, 2015


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